Mak-San Company was established by the engineer Ali Tosunoğlu in the 1940’s, this sole proprietorship enterprise converted to the Tosunoğlu family estate company by engineer M.Süreyya Tosunoğlu. In 1972 and then converted to Mak-San Corporation Company in 1978. The company has been modernized by the second and third generation of Tosunoglu family and managing now with the understanding of modern management.

MAK-SAN CO., consists of two factories as MAK-SAN / Bornova and MAK-SAN / Kemalpaşa with 90 employers working on them. Two factories together are located on 57 000 m2 area and 7500 m2 of this territory is closed field. MAK-SAN CO. is capable of handling 5000 tons / year raw material. MAK-SAN CO. also has stands (bench) of heavy metal removal and hardening and heat treatment units.

MAK-SAN manufactures machinery and equipment for:

• Brick and tile factories for clay industry
• Machinery for ceramic industry.
• Sunflower seed, cotton seed oil machinery for oil industry
• Machinery for the soap industry
• Ore Crushers
• Vacuum pumps
• Horizontal and Vertical (Rotorlift) Transfer Screw Drive Gearbox
•Electronic and Natural Magnets
•Producing machines for individual projects

Our products have been all designed, developed and improved by our specialized engineers to work easy with. MAK-SAN offers services with range from the careful inspection of raw materials with regard to their layout and provided by an experienced team of specialists. These simple to use and reliable to last machines can be even operated by people with little mechanical tendencies.
The consistent use of technology, system operations are guarantied energy savings of production methods.

The products development department in our company is mainly studying the technical designing, technical drawing applications and prepares manufacturing program for the machinery on our production line.
Our department employs mechanical engineers, machine constructors and project drawing people. All the work is done with computer assistance and the AutoCAD.
Our department also designs turn-key projects from the beginning according to the wishes of the costumers and the environmental conditions. All the units of the plants (such as buildings, machinery park, raw material stock areas, convey or transfer systems and electrical projects) are considered in an full concept and the projecting is done in contact with the above matters
Finally, Mak-San will also be delighted to assist you in consultancy and technical services anytime according to your demands from us.