The Disintegrator

Technical Drawing

This machine is used in the manufacture of bricks and tiles and in all parts of the clay industry. The clay material under the form of clay stones is crushed to small particles and by separating foreign stones, the material is prepared for processing. The humidity or dryness of the clay has no influence in the operation. The disintegrated clay should be stored after sprinkling with water in order to obtain speedy plasticity. Because the power consumption of the machine is low, it is widely used in the preparation of plastified clay. This machine consists of two rollers driven by two separate electric motors. The large roller (700Ø-800) is plain whereas the other (450Ø-800) contains six sets of knives. Clay will go through these rollers after being disintegrated by the knives. The large roller is set on a spring system allowing the necessary separation of the rollers and eliminating over-exertions. Due to its strong and rigid construction, the machine is trouble free.

Specification Table
MODEL Roller Dimensions
Dia x Width
Drive Motor (kw)
BV-2 Ø 700X800
Ø 450X800