Primary and Fine Roller Mills

Technical Drawing

-Widely used in the clay industry the production of bricks and tiles.
-Eliminates clay stones and foreign particles by crushing and powderizing..
- Helps humidity penetration in crumbled soil as a result plasticity formation improves.
- Gap between rollers accurately adjustable. This allows crushing of soil as fine as demanded, which improves the quality of finished product.
- The machine consists of two very hard rollers fixed on steel shafts revolving around roller bearings.
-These bearings are located on a rigid frame in a way to be adjusted when necessary.
- Possible damage to the rollers is prevented by fuses.

Specification Table
MODEL Roller Dimensions
Dia x Width
Drive Motor (kw)
V-5 Ø 700 x 650 2x30
V-6 Ø 700 x 800 2x37
V-7 Ø 1000 x 600 2x45
V-8 Ø 1000 x 800 2x55
V-10 Ø 1000 x 1000 2x75

Automatic Roller Grinding Apparatus
MODEL Grinding length (mm) Drive Motor Sport (kw) Stone Drive Motor (kw)


850 0.55 3


1100 0.55 3