Combined Vacuum Extruder

Technical Drawing

The classic double-shaft mixer and extrusion machine for high quantity and high quality products. Extruder diameter from 350 to 550 mm. Ease of operation and maintenance with ultimate economy. The upper and lower units driven by separate gear boxes and separate electric motors. The multiple airflex disc clutches provide smooth start-ups and enable independent operation to both units. Posibility to mount the upper section at 90º angle to the lower part. The clay is given one final homogeneity in the long double shaft mixer and before falling in to the vacuum chamber, shredded to pieces. The powerful auger of the lower unit helps produce high quality products. Replacement of parts and maintenance can be carried out with great ease.

Specification Table
MODEL Main Auger Diameter Capacity (t / h) Drive Motor (kw)
40VP 400/360 10-15 55+30
45VP-1 450/400 20-25 90+37
45VP-2 450 25-30 110+37
50VP-1 500/450 35-40 132+45
50VP-2 500 40-45 160+45
55VP-1 550/500 50-55 185+55
55VP-2 550 55-60 200+55
60VP-1 600/550 60-65 250+75
60VP-2 600 65-70 315+90