Circular Screening Feeder

Technical Drawing

This machine is widely used in clay products manufacturing industry, especially in brick and tile factories. The prime function of this machine is the mixing of clay raw material with water to form a homogeneous mixture. The unwanted residual elements (such as stones, etc.) in the mixture will not be able to run through the filter screens which will ensure the protection on the following vacuum extruder processing. Finally, the homogeneous clay mixture is pressed through the screens and a fluent, plastified material is formed. Use of this material in the extruder will provide better operating conditions and the overall quality of the manufacturing process will be significantly improved.
- The machine has a sturdy construction.
- Dismountable screens are placed around the cylindirical silo which is assembled on the main body fixed on a rotational axis.
- The filtration is obtained by pressing of the material through the screens by the pressure applied to the material via the tri-Arm auger.
- As the material is transformed into the desired homogeneous mixture , a regular feeding capacity is obtained.

Specification Table
MODEL Capacity (t/s) Drive Motor (kw)
M-1900A 50±10 55-75