Double Shaft Mixer With Filter

Technical Drawing

-In the manufacture of bricks and tiles, this machine filters from the raw material, all roots, weeds and such foreign materials. It also does a great job in plastifying the clay.
-Unwanted foreign bodies will be easily removed by the screens and the screens can easily be cleaned.
-The machine consists of auger blades placed on two shafts driven by a sturdy gearbox.
-The gearbox itself consists of steel gears, shafts and roller bearings designed for extreme loads.
-The augers press the clay onto the screen to complete the filtering process.
-The screens can be changed easily through an hydraulic system.
-The gearbox is driven through a mechanical or pressurized air activated clutch.

Specification Table
MODEL Capacity (t/s) Drive Motor (kw)
45-FK 40±10 55-75