Tile Press

Technical Drawing

This press is especially suitable for the production of French and Spanish type of tiles. It can also be used for other products within the size range of the former, and, is the most widely used type in the world. The cast body is mounted on a floor plate with two cast columns insuring a perfect rigidity. The revolving drum and the eccentric axle have both oversize bearings for long life and sensitivity. The pressing unit sits on four adjustable prismatic guides. Since all drive gears are helical, the machine runs very smoothly and without any noise or vibration.
The gearbox with its helical gears has a flywheel on its drive pinion to counteract for abnormal loadings. The chance over of the die can be effected easily by stopping the at any required position.
The cutting knife never needs adjusting, and, the complete machine is engineered in such a way as to be very easily assembled or disassembled.

Specification Table
MODEL Capacity (per/s) Drive Motor (kw)
R-5 17-18 French tile
13 Spanish tile