Wet Pan Mill

Technical Drawing

These machines are used by the brick, tile and their associated clay industry, in the crushing of the hard raw material, and, thereafter of its smooth introduction into the production line. The wet pan mills, as one single unit, achieve by themselves the crushing, the mixing and the filtering operations. Due to their slow operating revolutions, they consume less energy and enjoy a longer life span with reliable operation. They crush and grind the raw material continuously with their heavy rollers. During the crushing, water is added to obtain plastified clay. The floor sieves will not allow the unwanted bodies to go through. Therefore, according to their composition they will either be crushed over and over until complete disintegration, or in case of metallic bodies, will remain on the floor and not allowed to continue into the production line. The clay, while being processed in the wet pan mill, is crushed, thoroughly mixed with water and filtered through the floor sieves. Therefore, the machines that are next in line to the wet pan mill, will find it easier to provide the vacuum extruder with the required quality clay. This in turn will enable to obtain quality production line.

Specification Table
MODEL Merdane
(Çap x Genişlik)
Kapasite (ton/saat) Motor Gücü (kw)
K-2 Ø 1700?460
Ø 1700?460
50±25 55