Primary Crusher

Technical Drawing

The disintegrator plays a major role in all processing hard lumps of clay in all phases of clay industry, especially in the brick and tile manufacture. Different structured clay materials can easily be crushed and disintegrated with this machine. It assists the plastification of the clay material and a necessary equipment for clay preparation lines. Very large feed entrance accepts large clay stones for processing. By putting an optional hopper on top, it will be possible to dump the contents of a truck directly in it for hardly five minutes work .The disintegrated material that comes from under, is in turn conveyed to the stocking area while being sprinkled with water. The disintegrator has been designed for heavy duty work and the rollers are strong and wear resistant. The design also allows for easy replacement of worn parts.

Specification Table
MODEL Capacity (t / h) Drive Motor (kw)
KV-1200 90±15 45-75