Vacuum Pumps with Liquid Ring System

Technical Drawing

This machine is used to create low pressure areas. A high flow rate (sucking) to volume ratio is obtained by virtue of the high revolution rate used. These pumps may be employed in a large variety of applications some of which may be listed as follows;
-Brick and tile production plants
-Various ceramic production
-Soap production plants
-Oil production industry(Oil refining)
-Paper mills
-Macaroni or similar food production
-In creation of sterilized environments
-Dairy products industry
-Chemical industry in general
-In various branches of packaging industry
The unit may be produced from standard or stainless steel material depending upon the type of target field of application (special purpose pumps ) .
Standard types, in general, consist of pig iron bodies and steel shafts with bronze fans. The rotating shaft has heavy duty bearings for extra heavy loads.
304 and 306 no. quality stainless steel is used in the construction of the special purpose pumps. All the rotating parts are balanced for smooth operation with minimum vibration.
Pumps are designed suitably for the revolution rates of the driving motors. For this reason the motor is coupled, directly on the main chassis, using a flexible coupler during assembly.

Specification Table
MODEL Capacity (?³/s) Drive Motor (kw)
VP1 110±10 5.5
VP3 280±10 15
VP4 550±10 30