Stone Seperator

Technical Drawing

The stone separator is used in all phases of the clay industry and in the manufacture of bricks and tiles. It separates the very hard stones and other foreign bodies from the raw material while crushing the clay. These stones and foreign bodies fall into the grooves of the roller, pushed sideways and expelled through a canal. In this way problems to be encountered in production are totally eliminated. The machine is built such as to be driven by one or two motors. This feature provides ease in its erection and economy during operation. The stone separator has rollers made of extremely wear resistant extra hard material driven through strong shafts and oversized roller bearings. The assembly is on a heavy cast frame to eliminate vibrations.

Specification Table
MODEL Roller Dimensions
Dia x Width
Drive Motor (kw)
TA-1 Ø 500?700 2x22
TA-3 Ø 700x800 2x37