Huller and Shaker

Technical Drawing

The equipment is mainly formed of two sections which assist the decortication of the seeds. This is better as protein-rich husk can be manufactured with this machine. Separation of the seeds and hulls are applied with the assistance of crusher, screens and fan. The machine is a sturdy construction and designed to work with high efficiency and long service life. It is an important equipment for the seed oil factories as of its ease of operation and maintenance, economical energy consumption and trouble free utilisation. Crushing of the seeds is applied through the gap between the constant blades and the crushing rotor on which same blades are assembled. The machine is steel construction for long term utilisation.

Specification Table
MODEL Capacity (ton/day) Drive Motor (kW)
Crusher Sieves Crusher Sieves Feeder Fan
NAK-1 60 ± 15 60 ± 15 15 1.50 0.75 7.50