Seed Cleaner With Flue System

Technical Drawing

This machine does significant screening and cleaning duties. it can be constructed as simplex (two screens) or duplex (four screens) type to work in various capacities. The raw material is absorbed with an air system after removing the undesired elements from the input. Therefore, any foreign materials are never able to pass through the system to cause any accidents or spoil the processing quality. The equipment has a wide range of utilisation in modern vegetable oil factories, especially in cotton, sunflower, soybean and equivalent oil processing plants. Another advantage of this machine is to reduce the humidity of the material while processing. The cleaner is a sturdy steel construction and has a long service life.

Specification Table
MODEL Number of Sieves Capacity (ton/day) Drive Motor (kW)
Sieve Feeder Fan Air Lock
HE-2 4 90 ± 20 4 1.5 15 3