Flaking Mills

Technical Drawing

-They are widely used in the extraction of the oil contained in the sunflower seeds, cotton seeds and such other seeds.
- They help ease this extraction by breaking down the oil pouches found in the seeds. Due to this property, they will help the presses obtain higher efficiency with lower power consumption.
-The roller mill functions by crushing the seeds between its two hard rollers. These rollers are manufactured of wear resistant special alloy steel, and they rotate on roller bearings.
- The gap between the rollers can be finely adjusted to 0,1 mm. In case of an undesired pressure exerted to the rollers, an hydraulic safety system widens this gap.
-The roller mill is sturdily built and runs smoothly without vibration.

Specification Table
MODEL Roller Dimension
Dia x Width
Drive Motor (kw)
V-5 Ø 700 x 650 2x22
V-6 Ø 700 x 800 2x30
V-7 Ø 1000 x 600 2x37
V-8 Ø 1000 x 800 2x45
V-10 Ø 1000 x 1000 2x55

Automatic Roller Grinding Apparatus
MODEL Taşlama boyu (mm) Sport Drive Motor (kw) Stone Drive Motor(kw)


850 0.55 3


1100 0.55 3