Seed oil presses and Cooker

Technical Drawing

Seed oil presses
- Used for the manufacture of crude oil from the vegetable seed.
- Manufactured in pre-pressing and full pressing systems in various capacities and models for utilisation in crude oil processing plants.
- Working in continuous heavy conditions for processing the big capacity of qualified vegetable oil.
- Ease of operation and maintenance together with their low power consumption make these presses accompanying trays favourites among seed oil installations.
- A sturdy gearbox construction that is designed for continuous processing conditions in high power source causing no problems in utilisation.
- Specially heat –treated steel gears.
- Specially heat-treated axes.
- Roller bearings are considered for heavier working conditions.
- The gearbox enables power transfer by oil bathing system.
- Skillful solution for disassembly: The main shaft connects the gearbox in direct junction.
- Reversible rotation availability for the main shaft for maintenance.
- Cages and exit head are special steel construction.
- Cages are designed to be opened each side which enables the utiliser to apply a simple replacement of blades, combs and spacers.
- The machine is designed for the refrigeration from the cages and the main shaft.
- The blades and combs are special heat treated equipment.
- The augers and conicals long-life sturdy construction material.
- The husk exit head is controlled by a hydraulical system. The thickness of the husk is easily determined by the fixture of this equipment.
- Simple designed for assembly and maintenance.

Used for the preparation of the raw material for reaching the accurate thermal conditions before entering the seed oil press.

Technical Specifications:
Plain surfaced / external lathed toasters.
Steel plate construction toasters that are manufactured secure thick for stream pressure.
30 bars cold test approval.
Steel cast mixing augers.
CrNi manufacture gates for material transfer.
CrNi manufacture pipes for humidity absorption.
Sturdy construction gearbox with no problems in utilisation.

Specification Table
MODEL Toaster Frying Path (м²) No.Of Rings Drive Motor(kW)
Т-2A 2000 12.56 4 22
Т-2B 2000 15.70 5 30
Т-3В 2400 22.6 5 37
Т-3С 2400 27.1 6 45
Т-3D 2400 31.6 7 55

Pre-Pressing Models
MODEL Capacity (ton/day) Drive Motor(kW)
NP-1C-1-Ext. 60 ± 10 45
NP-1C-2-Ext. 100 ± 15 75
NP-1C-Ext. 130 ± 15 90
NP-2B-2-Ext. 150 ± 15 110

Full-Pressing Models
MODEL Capacity (ton/day) Drive Motor (kW)
NP-1C-Full. 25 ± 5 55
NP-2B-4-Full. 50 ± 10 110