Cotton Waste Press

Technical Drawing

This machine is utilised for the extrusion of the waste material from the seed oil plants, and widely used in animal food industries. It forms cake from cotton seed waste, sunflower seed waste, fish and bone flour to achieve the manufacture of animal food. This processing is an assistant manufacture to make cat-dog food, fish food and equivalent animal feeding industries. Furthermore, it is easy to obtain herbal coal by the extrusion of cotton and similar waste material. Different exit heads will enable the manufacturer to form various types of outputs. The equipment has a powerful gearbox driving an auger sequence system. It is a sturdy steel construction. It is also easy to adopt a continuous feeding mixer if various kinds of materials to be produced as a mixture. In this case, the feeding will be organised as a compound of different percentages in order to be entered to the dosing mixer.

Specification Table
MODEL Capacity(t/day) Driver Motor(kw)
PKP-1 20± 10 30-45